Best Holi Messages, Wishes and Sms in English for WhatsApp & Fb

If wishes come in rainbow colours then I would send the brightest one to say Happy Holi.

Happy Holi - Wishes and Sms 2022

  • If wishes come in rainbow colours then
    I would send the brightest one to say Happy Holi.


  • A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud,
    a warm SMS is just enough to express the heartiest feelings.
    Enjoy the festival of Holi with lot of fun.


  • Strengthen the ties in the family Develop friendship
    with your neighbours Express your heartiest feelings
    Take the opportunity to achieve all these Have a meaningful
    and fulfilling Holi festival!


  • Water balloons Harmonious melodies Bright colours
    Those are the elements of a perfect Holi festival.
    We hope that you and your family have the best Holi celebration ever!

Happy Holi Wishes in English

  • As you splash colours to your dears and nears
    May their life filled with vivid colours of Happiness,
    love and Prosperity Have a Great Holi


  • Lift a bucket Fill the balloons
    Just aim it right And throw it with vroom!
    Have a colourful Holi


  • A touch of green I send to you. A drop of blue to cool the hue A tinge of red for warmth And zest for a colourful HOLI!


  • This Holi Make A Wish, Take A Chance To Do Something Good Because Holi Is All About Good Things And Good Things Are Supposed To Be Start On An Auspicious Day Have An Abounding Holi

Happy Holi Sms In English

  • Try To Run As Much As You Can Even This Holi
    I Will Apply Color To You First!!! Blue Orange Pink Red Green Yellow Have A Happy Holi!


  • Just Like The Sunflower That Stands High And Merry With Its Beauty Gleaming At The Sun You Are My Sun That Supports Me To Stand High With Beauty In It On This Holi


  • The Festival Of Endless Colors And Innumerable Joy, I Thank You For Being With Me, Making My Problems Disappear And The Immeasurable Love You Have Bestowed Upon Me Happy Holi


  • A Colourful Message,
    to a colourful person,
    for colourful day,
    in a colourful way,
    as a pray,
    that the colourful ray,
    may forever stay – “Happy Holi”

Happy Holi Messages in English

  • May God gift you all the colors of life,
    colors of joy,
    love ‘n
    All other colors you want to Paint in Your life.
    Happy Holi


  • I Pray To My God To Shower You With: Happiness, Prosperity, Health, Wealth, Love, Care, Truth, Wisdom Wish You And Your Family A Happy Holi Today We Are Quite Far Away But This Distance Never Mattered To Us For Anything Today I Want To Wish You In A Special Way So Go In Front Of Mirror And Apply Colours On Your Face And I Will Do The Same Have A Wonderful Holi.


  • There Are Things That Cannot Be Conveyed With Words There Are People Whom You Can’t Live Without Some People Call It Madness While Some Call It Love I Just Want To Say That I Love You And Have A Lovely Holi.


  • Do You Still Fear Playing With Colors With Friends And Family? Do You Still Sit Home But Want To Go Out To Play Holi? So What You Do? Fret Not! Take A Bucket Full Of Water And Colors Mixed In It And Take A Holy Dip This Holi Happy Holi

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